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Science Daily
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World Health Organization declares Ebola outbreak an international emergency
12 HRS AGO - Concern about spread in and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo propelled response
Floating dairy farm debuts in the Netherlands
14 HRS AGO - The Port of Rotterdam is home to the first urban agriculture operation that yields fresh milk, Expand
Devastating banana disease may have reached Latin America, could drive up global prices
16 HRS AGO - Scientists are working to confirm the presence of a fungus that has wreaked havoc in Asia
Gorillas have developed humanlike social structure, controversial study suggests
18 HRS AGO - Finding challenges when complex hierarchies arose in great apes
Pets are good for your health, and we have the studies to prove it
20 HRS AGO - These scientifically proven ways show how pets make you healthier and happier.
These orangutan moms scratch to get their kid’s attention
1 DAY AGO - Behavior seems to be a new form of communication for the species
Boosting genetic diversity may save vanishing animal populations. But it may also backfire
1 DAY AGO - Long-running experiments can help conservationists plan rescues that don’t swamp small animal Expand
Workers with short or 'active' commutes are happier campers
1 DAY AGO - You'll feel happier and more productive when you have a short or an active commute on your way Expand
Loggerhead sea turtles nesting in record numbers in Southeast
1 DAY AGO - Endangered loggerhead sea turtles are making a comeback in the Southeast thanks to protections put Expand
Celebrity pets: Furry friends of the rich and famous
13 HRS AGO - Even celebrities need a non-human best friend. Here are a few glimpses of pets with their famous Expand
These Australian ants are bucking the 'insect apocalypse' trend
15 HRS AGO - Australia's desert ants are thriving in the face of climate change.
Legionnaires' disease: What you need to know
16 HRS AGO - Legionnaires' disease is a sometimes-deadly pneumonia found in building water systems.
12 curious truths about Stonehenge
19 HRS AGO - The world's most famous ring of standing stones has been studied for centuries, yet we learn Expand
It's not just sadness that can lead to a broken heart
20 HRS AGO - 'Broken-heart syndrome' is typically linked to stress or grief, but it may be caused by Expand
Arctic science at risk as University of Alaska braces for draconian budget cuts
1 DAY AGO - Funding crisis could lead school to declare financial emergency and revoke tenure protections
Astonished divers come across a massive jellyfish off the coast of England
1 DAY AGO - Divers enjoy a swim alongside a human-sized jellyfish near Cornwall, England.
Can Africa's Great Green Wall combat climate change and mass migration?
1 DAY AGO - The Great Green Wall is rooted in Africa's Sahel region on the southern border of the Sahara. Expand
Elon Musk’s startup eyes human testing for brain-computer interface
14 HRS AGO - Neuralink shares early results from its ultrasmall electrode implants
Correcting historic sea surface temperature measurements: Research corrects decades of data and suggests that ocean warming occurred in a much more homogenous way
16 HRS AGO - Why did the oceans warm and cool at such different rates in the early 20th century? New research Expand
Trilayer graphene shows signs of superconductivity
17 HRS AGO - Triple sheets of carbon atoms may help solve the mystery of high-temperature superconductivity
Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot
19 HRS AGO - Genetic analysis has revealed that the ancestors of modern humans interbred with at least five Expand
This isn't your father's rental furniture
22 HRS AGO - Millennials are intrigued by furniture rental companies because it's less trouble and good for Expand
Chimpanzees grow closer when they watch a movie together
1 DAY AGO - Finding suggests that, like us, chimps revel in shared experiences
Joshua trees facing extinction
1 DAY AGO - They outlived mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. But without dramatic action to reduce climate Expand
How moonlight affects animals and plants
1 DAY AGO - The light from the moon influences more than you might suspect, including animal behavior and Expand
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