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Does small talk or deep conversation make you happier?
17 MINS AGO - A new study explores how social interactions affect our well-being.
How to eat quince, a forgotten fruit
2 DAYS AGO - Don't be intimidated by this oft forgotten fragrant fall fruit. We'll show you how to eat Expand
How to break your rotisserie chicken habit
2 DAYS AGO - Rotisserie chickens are convenient, but there are reasons you may want to save them for emergency Expand
How fast will seas rise? A dying Greenland glacier holds clues
2 DAYS AGO - Scientists watch a warming ocean melt and fracture the ice
The sky's the limit for these 120 girls on an all-female flight to NASA
2 DAYS AGO - Delta all-female team flies female students to NASA in hopes of inspiring them to pursue STEM Expand
Drone captures video of melting Greenland glacier
2 DAYS AGO - Study could help scientists track sea level rise
Birds are in trouble, but you can help them
3 DAYS AGO - Two-thirds of bird species in North America are at risk due to global warming, says Audubon, which Expand
Dismissed EPA science advisers gather in ‘unprecedented’ challenge to Trump administration
3 DAYS AGO - Ousted air quality experts stage their own review of agency’s particulate science
Why are adult daughters missing from ancient German cemeteries?
3 DAYS AGO - DNA and artifacts reveal marriage and inheritance patterns among Bronze Age farmers
Economics Nobel awarded for research to reduce global poverty
1 HR AGO - Researchers brought randomized trials to global development work
An ambitious effort to map the human body’s individual cells gets backing from NIH
2 DAYS AGO - Agency to spend $200 million on comprehensive, useful, and user-friendly cell maps
Get ready to celebrate 'Indigenous Peoples Day'
2 DAYS AGO - Efforts to replace Columbus Day gain momentum across the nation.
Giant reptiles once ruled Australia. Their loss sparked an ecological disaster
2 DAYS AGO - Study finds that in the absence of apex reptiles, mammals began to decimate ecosystems
Those hotel mini soaps and shampoo bottles will soon be history
2 DAYS AGO - California joins some hotel chains in banning tiny toiletries.
In bid to boost transparency, bioRxiv begins posting peer reviews next to preprints
3 DAYS AGO - A related experiment will provide new test of “portable” peer reviews
How to find awe in everyday things
3 DAYS AGO - You don't have to spend a lot or travel far to reap the awesome benefits of wonder.
Ice on lunar south pole may have more than one source
3 DAYS AGO - New research sheds light on the ages of ice deposits reported in the area of the Moon's south pole Expand
There may be a very good reason why we enter a 'food coma' after dinner
1 DAY AGO - Sea slugs could tell us a lot about why we fall into a food coma.
What you need to know about chlorpyrifos
2 DAYS AGO - This pesticide used in farming is linked to health issues in children.
Watch these spiders emerge from an egg sac
2 DAYS AGO - Australian Reptile Park shares a creepy video of funnel web spiders emerging from an egg sac, just Expand
Massive winter storm heads for the Plains
2 DAYS AGO - Record-setting blizzard called Winter Storm Aubrey is expected to hit the midsection of the U.S., Expand
The truth about the tree that grows 'brains' and scares small children
2 DAYS AGO - The creepy bodark tree produces unnervingly strange fruit.
Tim Wakeman's mission is to inspire at-risk youth
3 DAYS AGO - An Aflac CSR Hero volunteers to instill a sense of purpose and confidence in New Hampshire Expand
Fruits and veggies may keep the blues away
3 DAYS AGO - If you're looking to improve your outlook, the produce bin is a good place to start.
A fridge made from a rubber band? Twisted elastic fibers could cool your food
3 DAYS AGO - “Twistocaloric” effect could usher in new wave of cooling technology free of greenhouse gases
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